Why Are Casino Tables Green?

Since casino games were invented, they have become such a large part of modern day culture. Now, for a casino to be successful, every little detail added is thought through. Details like, where games are placed, colours of the lights, and music that is played. Since every detail matters, we do wonder. Like why aren’t there any clocks and windows in a casino or why are the bet tables green? Exactly, why are the bet tables green?

Green… Is It A Lucky Colour? 

No! Green is THE colour. The low-key aspects of casinos that are taken most into consideration are the presentation of card tables. You may have noticed that majority of card tables are green, even online. Do you realise that snooker tables are green as well? Didn’t think about it, did you? Well, the reality of this is much more intentional. The reason behind the colour of casino card tables are all in collaboration with colour psychology.

What Does The Colour Green Have To Do With Psychology? 

Green is a colour that evokes the feelings of calmness, relaxation and represents stability. The theory of using this colour is that it makes players feel comfortable and stable in the casino setting. The colour green is associated with positive vibes. Like traffic lights instruct you to “go” or that the device that you’re using is turned on, in most cases, the colour of the lights is green.

Green is definitely one of the most popular colour of casino tables and definitely the most popular. But as casinos continue to evolve, some casinos have introduced blue or red to casino tables. While there are many explanations for this, we’ll just let green be the traditional colour of casino tables.