The Types of Card Shuffling

Land based casinos are most known for the interesting card games they offer. The first rule before starting any card game is to shuffle the deck. Many people know how to shuffle cards, however there are diverse ways to shuffling a deck of card, and each method is beautiful. If you want to impress your friends at the next card game, here are the easiest ways to shuffle the cards.

Shuffle Like a Pro Dealer

In land-based casinos or live casino games, the professional dealers use the classic table shuffle technique. This shuffle will make you look like a pro around a poker table. The deck of card is split in two and are riffled together at the corners, before being packed together as one. It is a technique which can be done quicker, with good practice. Pro dealers normally shuffle the deck using this technique three times in a row, as it is the optimum amount to mix the cards efficiently.

Shuffle Cards Like a Magician

The basic shuffle technique known as the in-the-hands-riffle-shuffle is also the favourite of close-up magicians. The reason this technique is most used is because it is done in the hands, thus can be executed while standing or even walking. The deck of cards is cut into two equal halves, and then shuffled altogether. The shuffler then forms a bridge and the cards cascade into neat pack. This is one of the most satisfying shuffling to watch!

Shuffle Cards like Harlem Globetrotter

This card shuffling technique looks amazing, but mastering it takes a lot of practice. Shufflers fan the cards across the table, spread them like a perfect arc to check if all the 52 cards of the deck are available. It only takes four simple moves to shuffle like Harlem Globetrotter. The deck of cards has to be cut in different portions, and each portion has to be held with a finger. Then, they all have to be added together as a neat deck. Plus, if you master this technique, you will be able to easily twirl or spin single cards with your fingers.

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