Superstitions That Punters Stick To

Even if you’re suspicious or not, you’ll sure need to read this. It may come a bit late, but you might realise that you indeed believe in one of these crazy things. If it’s not suspicion, it might be something that has grown into you while you were younger. Read and enjoy this blog update for a great deal of info. Let’s proceed!

So, What Is It That Punters Do?

Never Crossing Your Legs

When playing table games, most people believe crossing your legs will block out any luck coming your way. Also, crossing your fingers forms part of this.

Red Clothes

In Asia, the colour Red, is known to bring luck and fortune. Superstitious punters often wear as much red as they can to boost their luck. It may be a lucky red tie or dress.

Avoiding Main Entrances

Once upon a time, a casino in Las Vegas had a lion’s mouth as the main entrance. In Chinese culture this was said to be bad feng shui. Why? Well this was like being swallowed by one of the most symbolic animals in their culture, holding back your luck.

Leaving A Table

A lot of punters believe that leaving a card table will make them lucky on slot machines. It might have worked in a case or two!

Lucky Number 7

Number seven is said to symbolise fun and prosperity. It is also known as a classic symbol in slots which bring luck and increase your winning fortunes.

Never Play #13.

Number 13 has always been known to symbolise bad luck. For example, Friday the 13th is often symbolised as a very unlucky day. This number is avoided on roulette tables very often.

New Suspicions

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