Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo- Devotion to Roulette

Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo of Spain was a record producer but proved not to be successful in that industry. He then decided to devote all his energy to his passion, roulette. In the 90’s, he became the first person to exploit a wheel bias.

Not Believing It Was Possible

These were not gambling superstitions. A lot of people simply suggested that the idea of a wheel bias had never been taken advantage of in a casino situation. Wheel bias is the belief that not all roulette wheels are random and that all wheels are unique. The irregularity was a result of wheel being off level or because of inaccurate measurements like pocket sizes of the way the wheel’s gears worked.

Finally Beating the Casino

Gonzalo began by continuously staring at a specific wheel in a Spanish casino. He would stare at a roulette wheel for thousands of spins and recorded his results. Then he analysed them with a computer. He hired five children to help him record results. Before betting on a roulette wheel, he did a number of observations on the same wheel. When he felt like he was ready to bet on the hot numbers, he bet 5% house edge to a 15% players edge and raked in his wins.

When he felt like the casinos heat was getting to him, he would then change casinos and start the process all over again. When he was known in every casino in Spain, he took his methods to America, Las Vegas and continued to profit. When he became too well known by casinos all over the world, he retired with an estimated $2 million in the bank.