How Was The Sandwich Invented?

Sandwiches form part of our everyday life. We take them to school, to work, on picnics and road trips. This is because they are a light snack and easy to take around. But have you ever wondered about how they were invented, or who invented them?

Who Created The Famous Sandwich

Please acknowledge the majestic creation of bread filled; meat, cheese and condiments. This dish has been enjoyed for a very long time. John Montagu was the famous Englishman to come across the idea. He was very fond of gambling. As the story dates back to the 1700s, it took 24 hours to finalise the creation.

One day, while the passionate punter busied himself on a gambling streak, he instructed a cook on how to prepare his meal. The direction was to prepare it in a way, that it would not interfere with his game. The cook brought him a piece on meat between two pieces of toast. It was perfect as it didn’t interfere with the game and didn’t require utensils to eat.

Where Did His Idea Come From

His idea came from the Greeks and Turks, who served food inside pita breads and loads of finger food. This was more convenient for him as his hobby required at least one hand to play. Charlotte Mason was the first English cook book author to introduce a recipe of a sandwich. Soon, the sandwich went viral and took over England faster than it should have.

Hot meals were declined for sandwiches, and this soon turned into a tradition. To summarise, the sandwich was created by a potential gambler. And was worth it. Feeling healthy? Check out the Top Fruit Machines For You!

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