Body Language and Poker Tells

How easy is it to tell what someone with a poker face is really thinking? Almost impossible you will say!  Well, body language is an essential tool for poker players around the world, believe it or not, nonverbal communication adds something valuable to the game.

Points To Prove

Poker experts have raised this topic quite a few times, and now is becoming the subject of discussion between the whole population of poker players and professionals. Let’s see what some of the greatest poker players have to say.

David Sasseman

David Sasseman has come to the conclusion of nervousness being a sign of weakness. If it’s being acted out, this automatically means that you have the final hand of the game. You could also tell how the player is really feeling by his/her breathing pattern. If you’re sitting close to the player, it’s an easy tell. Shallow breathing or avoid loud breaths are a sign of a weak hand.

Zach Elwood

Zach Elwood has noted that things like stillness and controlled movement reveals that the player is anxious. Someone who is relaxed, might demonstrate this by the way he/she gathers his/her chips loosely when entering a bet. Also, eye movement, players with a weaker hand always have the tendency to look around more often instead of looking at the poker table.

Mike Caro

It becomes an advantage to the player when he/she understands the tells and body language of another player. This normally tells the players is reliable. Sometimes the player fakes a tell to induce his opponents in response to the fake tell. The general rule that Mike Caro has come down to is that: weakness usually means strength, and strength usually means weakness.

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