Roulette is a classic casino game that has become extremely popular in casinos worldwide since its emergence in the early in 18th century. With technology advancement, online roulette has become ubiquitous, and players can now visit the roulette table from the comfort of their homes.

Wicked Jackpots Casino offers a top selection of online roulette games to enjoy on the web or from your mobile device. Most games have a demo version available so you can play free roulette and practice your game before you decide to play for real. Read on to learn how you can maximize your earnings when you play roulette online!

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Roulette Strategy

If you want to learn how to win Roulette, it’s important to find the best roulette strategies to help you succeed. Before you hit the tables, it’s wise to make sure you have an online roulette strategy under your belt. Almost all online casinos use Random Number Generators (RNG) for their games and though the outcome will be random, there are still roulette strategies to increase your chances of winning.

Let’s take a look at some of the roulette strategies that are most popular amongst online players:

  • Martingale Strategy:All you need to do is place your standard bet- if you win you place the same bet for the next hand. However, if you lose, you double the bet for the next hand. Considered by many the best roulette strategy, you’re likelier to gain frequent but smaller wins. However, on the less likely occasions of losing, your losses will be much greater. The main idea in this online roulette strategy is that by doubling your bet after a loss, you would always win enough to cover past losses plus a little extra.
  • Reverse Martingale Strategy:In the opposite fashion of the Martingale, the reverse Martingale strategy is just what it sounds like. You increase your bets after a win and decrease after a loss. The main notion behind this online roulette strategy is that if you’re having a winning streak you’ll earn a lot, but if you hit a dry spell you’ll save yourself from bigger losses.
  • The D’Alembert Strategy:The D’Alembert strategy is an even chance betting system so you can also place even or odd bets. The way it works is that you increase your bet by 1 after a loss and decrease your bet by 1 after a win. When employing this online roulette strategy, you’ll come in on top if you have the same amount of losses as you have wins.

There are endless roulette strategies that players swear by including the Fibonacci, James Bond, Kavouras bet, Labouchere, and more. It’s worth it to learn a practical strategy so you can win roulette from the comfort of your home!

Roulette tips

Everyone wants to learn how to win at Roulette and having a cache of tips and tricks can really help you achieve increased winnings. Although the rules for playing online roulette are relatively simple, having some worthy online roulette tips is essential.

Below are some useful tips for roulette to keep in mind:

1. Play the Outside:

Don’t place bets on a single number, but rather include red, black, even, odd, 1 to 18, or 19 to 36 to increase your chances of winning. This way, you have an almost 50/50 chance of hitting a winning number.

2. Play European Roulette:

The European version of the game has a smaller house edge therefore giving you higher winning chances. As opposed to American Roulette, the European roulette wheel excludes the double 0 thereby putting the odds in your favor.

3. Play at a casino that you trust:

One of the best online roulette tips you can get, is to play a casino that is legitimate, honest, and trustworthy. Wicked Jackpots Casino has a solid reputation as a top online gaming destination. A Random Number Generator (RNG) is always used to ensure fair play. This system has been rigorously tested results so players can be confident that they are playing in the most trustworthy gaming environment.

4. Discover & practice new tips for roulette:

Players that succeed at the Roulette table all owe their success to practice and preparation in improving their roulette strategies. Before you simply jump in with the heavy hitters, make sure you have some online roulette tips and tricks up your sleeve!

Live Roulette

If you want to experience the most authentic casino thrills, play live roulette online. With realistic graphics, professional dealers, and a bona fide casino atmosphere, live dealer roulette is the optimal way to play this classic casino favourite.

Check out our review of live roulette here.

Mobile Roulette

These days, the roulette wheel can come with you wherever you need to go. Play mobile roulette on Wicked Jackpots’ mobile platform for thrilling casino wins on-the-go – anytime, anywhere! Mobile roulette is compatible with iOS and android, so you can play from your smartphone and tablet. Spin the roulette wheel from your iPhone, iPad, and android device and collect your winnings today!